Sailing Dreams

Here’s my answer to the picture prompt from June 4th.  It’s a bit late, but not too bad.


Leonas frowned slightly as he watched his brother.  Tadas had a tiny ship that their grandfather had made.  It was inside a bottle and he was watching the bottle intently as he moved it up and down.  Leonas knew that he was imagining that it was sailing.

Back home, they’d spent their summers playing on the beach.  Kotryna would collect shells and polished stones.  Gabija would splash in the water.  Tadas would pretend to be pirate or a sailor.  He loved the ocean.  Now, there was no ocean and no beach.

“Hey, Tadas,” he said, sitting down in the grass beside the smaller boy.  “How’s it going?”

Tadas sighed and looked over at him.  “I miss home,” he said, his voice soft.  He looked out towards the horizon.  “Sometimes, at night, I dream about sailing on a ship.”

Frowning, Leonas set a hand on his brother’s shoulder.  When Tadas looked at him, he smiled.  “Let’s pretend,” he said, his voice soft.  “We used to pretend we were pirates.  There’s no reason we can’t still do that.”

“There’s no ocean,” Tadas said, shaking his head.

Leonas shrugged.  “There’s a river,” he said, pointing towards the waterway that flowed through the park.  He bounced to his feet and then caught his brother’s hand.  “Let’s pretend, Tadas.”

Tadas hesitated for a moment longer.  Then, he smiled and nodded.  “Alright, brother,” he said.  Laughing, he scampered towards the water.  “I’m the captain.  You’re the boatswain.”

“Aye, aye,” Leonas said.  He heaved a sigh and then hurried after his brother.  At least he’d managed to cheer Tadas up for the moment.


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