Good Night, Sweet Prince – Part 1

This is another cross-over story – this time, with a universe that my sister is building.  This story is set before the current set of stories with Taurys and Ilya.  Gilbert is still in Veligrad, playing the part of a scientist loyal to that government.

This scene was written using a prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


prompt: feel

“I have a very important mission for you both,” Director Petrov said, looking from Taurys to Ilya and back.  “I’m afraid it will take you away from your duties at the laboratory for a time.”

Ilya bit his lip and gave Taurys a sidelong glance.  He could feel the tension that was building between the two men.  He almost sighed in relief when Taurys gave Director Petrov a tight smile.  “Of course, sir,” he said, his tone polite.

Petrov nodded once and looked back to Ilya.  “In preparation for our invasion of the Northern Isles, I am sending both of you to gather intelligence,” he said.  He smiled at Ilya.  “See if you can find a position in the royal household, little one.”

“Yes, sir,” Ilya said, nodding.  He gave the director a wry smile as he tried to think about which position would be best suited to the task at hand.  He’d need to be able to remain in rooms, unnoticed, while they discussed matters of secrecy and import.  A servant of some kind, then.

Turning to Taurys, Petrov added, “I want for you to get an account of their numbers and weaponry.  I trust you can do that without attracting undue attention.”

“I can, sir,” Taurys said.  He smiled when Ilya nodded in agreement.  Then, his expression turned thoughtful.  “When do we leave, sir?”

“Immediate,” Director Petrov said.  He set a hand on Ilya’s shoulder as Taurys took a step back.  Looking into his eyes, he murmured, “Remember what I have told you, little one.”

Ilya suppressed a shiver.  He really hated Director Petrov, but the large man didn’t seem to care about his feelings.  Ilya wondered if he cared about how anyone felt.  “I’ll remember, sir,” he breathed.  Meeting Petrov’s eyes, he said, “I’ll use my… skills to the greatest advantage possible.”

“Good,” Petrov said, then he pushed Ilya away.  It was a light shove, but Ilya took the dismissal as it was intended.

He bowed once and then hurried out of the room.  He was shaking by the time he caught up to Taurys.  “I hate him,” Ilya rasped.

Taurys stifled a laugh that came out as a low breathy sound.  “No one likes him, Ilya,” he said, his voice soft.  “He knows it, too.  It makes him pleased to know that we hate him – fear him.  It’s what he wants.”

“He’s crazy,” Ilya said, shaking his head.

To Ilya’s surprise, Taurys shook his head.  “He’s not mad, Ilya,” he countered, his voice soft.  “He’s twisted and evil, but he’s perfectly sane.”


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