The Depth of a Dream

This little story serves two purposes.  It’s the “except” for my July Camp NaNo story and the answer to my last NaNoWriYe DreamWidth prompt for the month of June.


Prompt: torn

Taurys had been so certain that is was what he’d wanted a month ago.  There had been no doubt in his mind.  Now, though, he couldn’t seem to escape from the uncertainty of it all.  A part of him was still firm in the resolve that this was the right thing to do.  He was torn between that certain resolve and the fear that it was wrong to tamper with nature in this way.

As he stared down at the body on the table, he chewed his lip.  Gilbert had done an excellent job in recreating his natural appearance.  He felt like he was staring down at his twin brother.  The figure had the same dark, tidy hair.  He had the same shining green eyes.  His complexion was the same, even.  Only the height was different – his new form was much shorter than his original form was.

Sighing, Taurys glanced over at Gilbert.  The scientist was hard at work on something.  “What more are you doing?” he asked, even though he knew Gilbert couldn’t hear him in his current state.  He glided over to peer over Gilbert’s shoulder.

The smaller man was frowning as he worked on something on the workbench.  It looked like nothing more than a tangle of wires to Taurys.

“What’s that meant to do, Gilbert?” Madeline asked, her voice as soft as it always was.

Gilbert answered without looking up from his work.  “It’ll help me monitor his systems,” he said.  He grimaced and added, “Provided things work the way they should, that is.”  He glanced over at his wife, then.  “Is he still here, Maddie?”

“I’m right here,” Taurys said, rolling his eyes.  He chuckled when Madeline nodded.  He knew that she could hear him, even if she couldn’t see him.  “Is this the right thing to do?” he said, his voice soft.

“Gilbert thinks so,” she said, shrugging.  Then, she smiled at her husband.  “He’s nervous about the morality of the whole thing.”

Gilbert shrugged.  “He… You were murdered, Taurys,” he said, shrugging.  “I’m just trying to give you back what was taken from you.  I don’t see how that can be wrong, but… it’s up to you.”

Taurys nodded, even though neither of them would know that he had.  “Thank you, Gilbert,” he said.  “I’ll decide soon.”  He smiled when Madeline relayed the message.  Gilbert nodded once and then got back to work.


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