Glitter and Candlelight

This is the next section of “The Stars Say Goodnight”.  We get a better look at one of Mikas’s other alters.  It was inspired by two prompts from the WritYe DreamWidth: a word prompt (candlelight) and a picture prompt.


After dinner, Rail left the house, but not before gently suggesting that both Nicholai and Lord Andrien speak with one of the agency councilors.  Nicholai didn’t ask why Lord Andrien was given such a suggestion.  His own answer was a noncommittal shrug.

“Do you have something against seeing a councilor?” Lord Andrien asked, frowning slightly.

“No,” Nicholai said, he flushed and then shrugged.  “I just… I’m not going to make any promises for Mikas.  Really, this sort of decision is for him to make.  He’s… he’s the main identity, I guess you could say.”

“What are the others like?” Lady Darina asked.  Her expression was one of innocent curiosity.  There was no judgment in her tone.

Nicholai couldn’t help but smile at the young woman.  Most people, once they knew the truth, thought he was crazy or, at least, strange.  She seemed to be taking the whole thing in stride, accepting that there were six people living in the single body.  It wasn’t that simple, Nicholai felt certain, but it was still refreshing to be accepted for who he was.

“It’s hard to explain what they’re like,” he said, shrugging.  Shaking his head, he added, “You really just have to meet the others.  We each – except for Mikas – serve a purpose, though.”

“Mikas doesn’t serve a purpose?” Lord Andrien asked, tilting his head to one side as he regarded Nicholai curiously.

Nicholai stifled a laugh.  “Do you serve a purpose?” he asked, shrugging.  He shook his head.  “I don’t mean he’s useless.  I mean… I’m here to deal with things that Mikas can’t and so are the others.”

“But Mikas, being the base personality, is simply there in the same way that anyone else would be present in their own mind,” Lord Andrien said, nodding.  “Now, I catch your meaning.”

“Good,” Nicholai said, smiling.  “I’d like to do another patrol, if that’s all right?”  When Lord Andrien nodded, he bowed politely and stepped out of the room.

He made his way through the corridors of the large house, starting with the entryway and moving into the library.  He was stepping out of the library when he knocked into a table.  A vase of flowers nearly toppled, but he caught it.  He sighed in relief when only a few drops of water spilled onto the table.


He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and moved to wipe up the spill but froze.  Crouching, he looked at one tiny, perfect globe of water.  In the candlelight, the glitter and shimmering feathers of the table decoration seemed like something out of a dream.

“So lovely,” Lukas said, his voice soft.  He straightened and carefully dabbed at the drops of water.  Then, he tucked the handkerchief away and continued on the patrol that Nicholai had started.  As he walked through the corridors of the stately home, he admired the paintings and sculptures.

“It’s all very nice,” Alexei told him, his tone one of frustration.  “Just remember that you’re doing this for a reason and it’s not to coo over the artwork.”

“Yes, I know,” Lukas said, shaking his head.  He wished that the others could relax enough to realize how beautiful the world around them really was.  Sighing, he headed outside.  Alexei and Nicholai would want him to make certain that the perimeter was secure before he retired for the evening.


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