Hidden From View

This is the latest section of my story, “The Stars Say Goodnight”.  One of my goals for next month is to finish this tale.  Thanks to the picture prompt that I used to day, I have an idea where it’s going.


Mikas woke with a jolt.  It was the middle of the night.  He was stretched out in his bed, even though he didn’t remember going to sleep.  The last thing he recalled was going to his room to freshen up.

“I blacked out,” he said, his voice soft.  He startled when he heard tapping.  It sounded something was tapping against glass.  He frowned and pushed back the covers.  He drew back the curtains that surrounded the bed to peer into the darkness as he listened.

Shaking his head, Mikas slipped off the bed and padded to the window overlooking the garden.  He was on the second floor, so it couldn’t be a person tapping on the glass.  Perhaps it was a bird or an animal?  He pushed back the window curtains and scowled.  There was nothing.

When the tapping came again, Mikas realized that it was coming from behind him.  He turned and spotted a mirror hanging on the wall beside the door.  Frowning, he moved towards the mirror.

The mirror was blurred, as if it were covered with frost, but he could see a shape moving there.  His eyes widened as he looked at the figure in the glass.  It should have been a reflection.  Instead, the figure moved on its own.  He gasped as a pair of hands pressed against the glass from the other side.


A moment later, the person in the mirror began pounding on the glass.  Mikas took a step back from the impossible vision.  Then, as the pounding continued, he shook his head in denial and ran back to the bed.  He pulled the curtains closed and covered his ears with his both hands.

“No, no, no,” he said, as the pounding continued.  Then, the glass shattered and he screamed.  He nearly fell out of bed when he felt a hand touch his shoulder.


He looked up sharply.  It was morning and Andrien was standing beside his bed, frowning.  There was no anger on the man’s face, only concern.  “Are you all right?” he asked.

Shaking, Mikas peered around the edge of the bed curtain.  The mirror was whole and normal.  He could see himself and Andrien reflected in the glass.  “I – I’m sorry,” he said, looking back at Andrien.  “Did I wake you?”

“No,” Andrien assured him.  He frowned and shook his head.  “I heard you screaming down the corridor, however.  Whatever you dreamed, it must have been frightful.”

Nodding, Mikas gave him a weak smile.  “It was just a dream, though.  I’m fine now.”  Andrien regarded him for a moment longer.  Then, he nodded and headed for the door.  As he reached for the knob, Mikas said, “Thank you.”

Andrien turned back to him and nodded.  “You’re quite welcome, Mikas.”

Once he was alone, Mikas slipped off the bed.  He padded over to the mirror and set a hand against the smooth glass.  “I really am insane, aren’t I?” he breathed.

“Chief Rail doesn’t think so,” Nicholai said, his voice faint.  “He also said… there might be others that we don’t know of.  Maybe that’s what that dream was about, Mikas.”

Mikas nodded.  “Maybe,” he said, as he made his way towards the bath.  He frowned slightly.  “Chief Rail?”  As he said the words, memories from dinner the previous day returned to him.  He nodded slightly.

“He thinks we should see a counselor,” Lukas added.  In a gentle tone, he added, “It might help, Mikas.  They… seem to know what’s going on.”

“I’ll… think about it,” Mikas said, but he wasn’t going to make any promises.  Shaking his head to clear the lingering images of his nightmare, he headed into the bath.  He needed to start his day.


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