Sing Me to Sleep – Part 3

Here is another part of my story, “Sing Me to Sleep”.  As with the other sections that I’ve posted, this was inspired by a prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth, a picture prompt this time.


Fievel stared out the window at the busy street.  It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining and the birds were singing in the trees.  There was a sort of crispness in the air that came with early autumn days.  He wanted to go out and enjoy the day.  Instead, he was sitting in the café waiting for his contact to arrive.

tumblr_mifurhrq841r2xt2oo1_500His brows furrowed and he looked down at the coffee cup on the counter in front of him.  It seemed odd that it reflected the building across the street.  The image was upside-down and backwards.  It seemed to him that life was presenting him with a metaphor.  Everything had been this way for the last few weeks.

He shivered and shook his head.  Tugging the cup away from the window stirred the beverage, shattering the image.  He lifted the cup to sip at the coffee, raising his gaze to the street at the same time.  He tensed as he saw his contact.

The woman paused outside the window and he knew she was looking at her own reflection and not him.  She smoothed her dark hair and brushed the folds out of her dress.  Then, she turned away to continue inside.

Releasing a breath, Fievel set his cup down on the counter.  He glanced to the side as she sat next to him.  “Liliya,” he said, his voice soft.  “You are looking well.”

She smiled faintly.  “As are you, Fievel,” she said.  Her eyes narrowed.  “Surprisingly well, in fact, considering that word reached us that you and Anton had been captured.  Tell me: how is Anton?”

Fievel swallowed the lump in his throat.  “I don’t know,” he admitted.  He shivered when she set a hand on his wrist.  He forced himself to push aside his fear and glare at her.  “Did it occur to no one that – that I was biding my time?”

“Were you?”

Nodding, Fievel said, “I played along with those Agency morons – agreed to give them secrets and where am I?  I’m free and able to continue my work.”  He pulled his wrist away and sipped at his coffee.  “Meanwhile, Anton is in prison.  What good is he to our cause there?”

“It’s those secrets that concern our superiors,” Liliya said, her voice low.  “Do you know of recent events, Fievel?”

“Only what little my handler deems fit to tell me,” he admitted.  He looked away from her and took a steadying breath.  Did she believe him?  His very life depended on convincing her that his defection had been false.  Otherwise, she’d take the first opportunity to bring him back to Veligrad to face the firing squad.


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