Lost in Dreams

This story is based on a prompt from WriYe DreamWidth.  The word was lost and this is what I came up with.  It’s the third story in a series with Mikas/Nicholai dreaming.


Mikas knew he was dreaming again.  There was no other explanation for what was happening.  He made his way down the street, looking for some clue as to where he was.  Nothing looked familiar.  Worse, the writing on the street signs made no sense to him.  Either he’d suddenly lost the ability to read or they were written in some impossible language or… it was a dream.

He continued down the street, looking around for something that wasn’t utterly foreign to him.  Then, he spotted it: it was the same house he’d seen in his dreams before.  He knew what was in there.  He’d been in there last time.

“No,” he said, taking a step back.

The house seemed to move closer to him.  He turned and ran back the way he’d come.  It was as if the house itself was chasing him.  His heart hammered in his chest as he ran blindly down the street.

He ducked around a corner and flung opened the first door he found.  Instantly, he was inside the very house he’d tried to flee.  In the center of the darkened room, he could see the lantern.  He knew what was inside it without looking.

Turning back to the door, he found that it was gone.  He was trapped in the room.  He felt for a door or window, but he couldn’t find anything.  Then, faintly at first, he could hear a bell ringing.  The sound became louder and louder.

Gasping, Mikas woke.  He lay there for a moment, panting as his heart continued to hammer in his chest.  Then, he sighed.  He reached over and hit the button to turn off the alarm clock.  He’d never been so happy to wake up in all his life!


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