An Announcement

This story was inspired by a word prompt (announcement) from the WriYe DreamWidth.  It’s also an excerpt from “Music of the Night”, which is a short story that I wrote in August, soon to be published in the upcoming edition of Milestones.


Miss Kozlowski stepped up to the front of the classroom.  They hadn’t used this room since the first day of class.  Normally, the class was broken up into smaller groups.  Today, however, was special.

“Good morning,” she said, as she glanced around at the gathering students.  “Today, I have some people that I’d like all of you to meet.”

She waved at the three juniors who were standing in the front of the room.  “This is Peter McLaine, Lily Buckley and Ellie Rainer.  They’ve agreed to be editors for our class newspaper.”

She paused as applause and a few cheers sounded from the gathered students.  She nodded slightly.  “While Group C will be doing most of the writing, I want you all to remember that this is our paper, not theirs.  If there’s something that you want the class to know, you are welcome to write an article about it.”

“All articles need to be submitted by the twenty-first,” Lily added.  “That’ll give us enough time to read over them and get any necessary edits made, before the newspaper is published on the first of the month.”

Peter spoke up next.  “If it looks like we’re going to have a lot of articles, we’ll consider going bi-weekly or even weekly,” he said.  “We’ll just stick with a monthly publication for now.”

“We look forward to working with each of you,” Ellie added, smiling warmly.  “We’d also like to thank Natalia Dziedzic for asking us to help out with this.  None of this would have been possible without her determination.”

Nodding, Miss Kozlowski said, “So, that concludes our class meeting.  We’ve got two weeks until the first deadline and I know I’m looking forward to our first issue.  For now, you’re all dismissed for the day.”

There was general excitement as the students headed out of the room.  A few approached the three upperclassmen to introduce themselves.  Others congratulated or thanked Natalia for her work in getting the whole thing together.

“I don’t know who’s more excited,” Peter said, after the last first year student had left, “Ellie or the kids.”  He laughed, then and added, “Maybe it’s me?”

“They’re all so enthusiastic about the whole thing,” Ellie said, looking to Miss Kozlowski.

Nodding, she said, “I just hope that enthusiasm doesn’t fade when they realize how much work something like this will take.”

“I don’t think it will,” Lily said, shaking her head.  As the three upperclassmen also headed off, Miss Kozlowski could only pray that they weren’t mistaken.


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