Sweet Dreams?

I found a prompt online, “Children are in bed, you’re reading a book in the living room.  You suddenly feel a prickle of skin – someone is watching you. What happens next?”  That, along with the word prompt “moon” from the WriYe DreamWidth inspired this scene…


Felicja settled the children down to sleep.  Henryk had been especially difficult.  He was convinced that there was some sort of monster in the root cellar.  Felicja shook her head slightly.  She wished he hadn’t found the trapdoor at all.  No matter what she did, he couldn’t be convinced that the only thing down there was dust and old bottles.

She settled down in front of the fire with her knitting.  It was the first they’d ever actually lived in a house.  Maybe that was why Henryk was so nervous.  Their apartment hadn’t had a basement or root cellar with access to the living area.  The basement was down a flight of stairs – out of sight, out of mind.

Felicja began working on the half-finished sweater.  Soon enough, it would be ready to be packed away for their birthday.  Then, she could get started on Zofia’s present.  She’d knit a dress for her daughter.  It would be something pretty and suitable to wear for special occasions.  Zofia needed something like that.

She frowned as the hairs on the back of her neck prickled.  Without pausing in her knitting, she lifted her eyes and glanced around.  She expected to see one of the children peering into the room.  She saw nothing.

“Just my imagination,” she breathed.  Shaking her head, Felicja set her knitting aside.  Henryk’s crazy talk about the root cellar was rubbing off on her.  She stood and headed into the kitchen.  The rug was undisturbed.  She knew, beneath it, the trapdoor was firmly closed.

Heaving a sigh, she set one of the kitchen chairs on top of it.  Then, she headed to her bedroom.  She would read until she fell asleep.  She couldn’t focus on her knitting if she was going to jump at every noise.

Felicja settled on the bed and turned on the radio, keeping the volume low.  Then, she lifted the romance book off the nightstand and began to read by the light of the full moon.  By the time her eyes grew heavy, all thought of monsters in the root cellar were gone.


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