Childhood Dreams

This story was inspired by a picture prompt over at WriYe DreamWidth.


Mikas sighed softly as he listened to the hum of the cicadas. It was so hot and sticky that it was hard to want to do anything. It was the sleepy sort of weather that would have been worse in the city. He pulled his dark hair back from his face and tied it with a piece of string. At least that would get it off his neck.

“What do you do in this heat?” he asked, glancing over at Wolfgang.

Shrugging, Wolfgang said, “Find a river to jump into?” He adjusted his glasses and sighed. “Not much else you can do, unless it rains and the heat breaks.”

Shaking his head, Mikas dropped into a chair on the porch. “When Ilya and I were boys,” he said, “I visited him one summer and it was oppressive.” He glanced over at Wolfgang. “There was no river to jump into, not in Stralsund.”

“What did you do, then?” Wolfgang asked, shaking his head. He laughed and looked off towards the horizon. “I can’t see a couple young boys sitting down with a refreshing glass of lemonade.”

“We’d break into a fire hydrant,” Mikas said, chuckling. He looked up at the cloudless sky and said, “We’d make it rain in a different way.” While he smiled at the memory, Wolfgang laughed. Whatever he said was lost to Mikas as he remembered that summer with his cousin. They’d both been young – innocent. Neither of them could have imagined what their future would hold.

“I wish I could be that young again, sometimes,” Wolfgang said, still sounding amused.

Mikas nodded. “Me too,” he said, his voice faint.


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