A Thing with Feathers

This story was inspired by a word prompt (wing) over at the WriYe DreamWidth.  It’s a really great resource for prompts, if you are looking to write and not sure where to start.


Mikas stood on the front porch and closed his eyes.  He could hear the wind rustling the leaves in the trees.  He could hear birds singing in the trees.  It was a quiet, peaceful morning.  Then, he heard something that seemed out of place.

He opened his eyes and frowned.  There was an insistent peeping, like a baby bird calling for its mother.  He glanced around for a moment before he found it.  There was a small bird, fledged, by the looks of it, but young.  He stepped down from the porch and slowly made his way over to the young bird.

Evan as he moved ever closer to the little bird, Mikas kept expecting it to fly.  However, it stayed where it was, chirping loudly to call its mother.  He stopped when he was only a foot away and crouched in the grass.  Now that he was close to it, he could see that the little bird had hurt its wing.  He hesitated for a moment.  Then, he hurried back into the house.

When he returned, he sighed in relief.  The little bird was still where he’d seen it.  It was still chirping and it still apparently injured.  He spoke gently to the bird as he gently lifted it out of the grass.  He settled it into the box he’d found and covered the box with a towel.  After a few moments, it quieted.  Now, the question was: what to do with it?

Many things went through his mind.  Babies needed to be kept warm and he knew that its parents might still be nearby somewhere.  He set the box down on the warm paving stones and eased the towel back just enough for there to be light.  Then he stepped back, out of sight of the bird.  Several moments of silence passed before the little bird began chirping again.

Mikas smiled faintly as another bird flew over to the box.  He watched as the bird flew back and forth, bringing food to its fledgling chick.  As the sun was setting, the young bird hopped to the lip of the box beside its parent.  Its wing was held correctly now.  Mikas sighed in relief.  It must have just been sore and needed some time to recover.

As the pair of birds flew to the nearby tree, he stood and retrieved the box.  “Be well, little birds,” he called.  Then, he headed inside.


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