We Were Dreamers

Continuing in the same vein as “Imaginary Journeys” and “Pausing to Reflect”.  This piece was inspired by a word prompt at the WriYe DreamWidth: believe.


Marian sat on the bed, frowning at Emily as she spoke with her superior on the telephone.  Actually, she wasn’t doing very much speaking.  She was scowling as she listened to whatever the person on the line was saying.

“Fine, sure,” she said.  Then, she set the telephone back into the cradle.  Then, she heaved a sigh and looked at Marian.  “They don’t believe me,” she said, shaking her head.

He nodded.  That wasn’t very surprising.  He knew how the Agency had reacted when Felicja had first shared with them about her gift.  Precognition was rare enough.  For two agents to share a dream the way they had… he shook his head.  “What do they advise?” he asked, his voice faint.

She sat on the edge of the bed and rolled her eyes.  “Carry on as we’d first planned,” she said.  Emily frowned.  “You’re meant to drop me at my sister’s house and then carry on with your assignment.”

“We both know what’ll happen if we arrive at your sister’s house now,” Marian said, shaking his head.  He surged to his feet and then stalked to the telephone.  “They might not believe us, but… I believe what we dreamed.  There have been too many coincidences this far.”

“What are you doing?” Emily asked, scowling as he lifted the handset for the telephone once again.

“Calling my contact in this country,” he said, his voice soft.  He dialed the number and then waited as the telephone rang once and then again.  “What’s your sister’s name?”

“Michelle,” Emily said.  After a moment, she added, “Michelle North.”

Marian nodded as the person he was calling answered.  “Hey, Painter,” he said.  “This is Wanderer.  I’ve got an odd problem here that I’m hoping you can help me out with.”  He explained the issue in a brisk, confident tone.

Painter hummed softly.  “I’ll meet you at Miss North’s address,” he said, his voice soft.  He sighed softly.  “They might not believe Glitter, but I believe you.”

“Thanks, Painter,” Marian said.  He said his goodbyes and then replaced the handset.  “He’ll meet us there,” he told Emily.  “Hopefully, that’ll be enough to prevent what we saw.”

As she nodded, he held out one hand.  She hurried to his side and they went back out of the hotel.  They paused just long enough to deposit their key with the owner of the hotel before they were on their way once more.


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