Dreams of Fire and Ice

So, here is my latest story in the League of Nations universe.  It’s a totally new character.  The story was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


Patagonia, Chile

Ambrose knew, when he’d first been sent to the field office at the point so far to the south, that it had been intended as a punishment.  He had said the wrong thing to the wrong person.  Now, he had lost his position and was assigned to a place where his superiors felt he couldn’t possibly cause harm.  Nothing of interest ever happened here, at least not as far as the Agency was concerned.

However, now, as he stood on the flat stone in the middle of the river and looked up at the pillar-like hills, he had to smile.  For the first time in far too long, his life was quiet.  It was peaceful.

His laughter echoed off the hills as he realized, if not for this “punishment” he might very well be dead.  Shaking his head, Ambrose turned away from the glaciers and the hills lit by the sunset and hopped back across the stones to shore.

“I’m going to have to send the Boss a thank you note,” he murmured.  He wondered what his superiors would think of that.  The idea made him shake with fresh laughter.


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