Oh, what fun!

My except from the Week of November 9-15. This was written during the all-night write-in on Saturday.


Mikas shook his head and then looked at Cedar. “In all seriousness, though, he’s not the sort of man it would be wise to cross.” His brows furrowed. “He pretends to be easy-going, even a bit flaky. You know, not the brightest crayon in the box, that sort?”

“Just the opposite?” Cedar said, nodding.

“Exactly.” He was shaking his head. “It was actually kind of annoying, sometimes. He’d decide that someone was dispensable because they had made him angry and he’d have me take them out.”

“Sounds like a real charmer,” River said, his voice soft. He was looking over the printed sheet of information that they had on the case. “According to what they’ve told us, the explosives may have come from the construction site. However, their findings, thus far, have been inconclusive.”

“Not surprising,” Jefferson said, rolling his eyes. “I mean, Veligrad is a dusty little backwater. Isn’t it?”

“That dusty little backwater was my home for over thirty years,” Ilya reminded him, archly. He glanced over at Mikas and then shrugged. “I suppose that calling such a place home is better than not having a place to call home.”

“I’d rather be homeless than be called a Veligradian,” Mikas said, shaking his head. “They invaded my home, you’ll recall.”

“Do you need a hug?” Jefferson asked. Mikas rolled his eyes and blew a raspberry, which earned gales of laughter from the Anglian.

“Can we please be just a little bit serious?” Cedar asked. He frowned and shook his head. “I know that is difficult for thee, but this is not thy playtime, Hatter.”

“Oh, no,” Jefferson said, pretending fear. “He’s brought out his moorish parlance. Now, I’m in trouble. Aren’t I?”

Cedar’s eyes went flinty and he looked over at Lark. “The old Hatter grates on the nerves, Lark. I don’t know which is worse.” Her laughter was evanescent and he shook his head in despair. “You’ve created a monster, Lark. This isn’t cause for laughter.”

“Relax, Cedar,” Ilya said, shaking his head. “We’ll become more serious when we get to Veligrad – when we’re at the scene.”

“He’s right,” Samantha said, nodding. “Right now, there’s nothing else we can do, except loaf around and watch the aquatic animals through the portholes.”


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