Here is the next little section of my NaNo.  It was based partly on a photo prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


52dc911c3a142665da760c757c690431By the time that the snow had abated, Felicja was acting more like her usual self. She’d dried her tears and, currently, she was directing everyone to set about cleaning the house. Once they had things tidied to her specifications, they could began gathering the candles and greenery that would go around the house to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

Ilya made his way up to the second level of the home and peered into the room that functioned as the family’s library. The books were most second-hand, many older than either Felicja or Ilya. He stepped over to a shelf and began dusting as he straightened the books.

They seldom used the library. There seemed to be a perpetual draft coming from somewhere. Ilya had checked the windows and doors, but he hadn’t found the source of the cold.

He suppressed a shiver and then blinked when he noticed that he could see stonework through the back of the shelf. It was an outer wall. With no interior corridor to insulate it, the cold seeped right through the wall and into the room. “No wonder it’s so cold in here,” he breathed.

He shook his head slightly. What could they do to keep out some of the cold? He chewed his lip. He could put tapestries up. Wasn’t that how they’d kept out the cold in old castles? The question was: how would he put a tapestry behind the bookshelf?

He rubbed at his nose and turned away from the wall, just as Felicja stepped into the room. “I figured out where our draft comes from,” he said, pointing at the brick wall behind the shelf.

“If you put the shelf at the center of the room,” Felicja said, waving at the empty space between them. “Then, we could hang some kind of wall covering.”

Ilya blinked and then nodded. “I’ll get Mikas to help me, once he get off of work,” he said. Then, he glanced at the books. “Meanwhile, maybe Henryk could come up and help me clear off this shelf?”

Felicja nodded. “I’ll get him and Zofia. We can all work on it,” she said. She turned away, calling for both children.

Ilya turned back to the bookshelves. Then, he began taking the books off of them and piling them on a table near the window. Hopefully, once the shelves were empty, they’d be light enough for he and Mikas to move them.


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