A Quiet Moment

This story was inspired by a picture prompt from over at WriYe DreamWidth. This is a new character that I’m working with, so this scene is just and introduction.



When most people were just rising and getting ready to start their day, Samuel’s day was ending.  He stepped into the bright, warm bedroom and glanced around.

So much had happened in the last year.  He felt as though he’d been on a ship tossed through stormy seas.  He was utterly alone.  Abandoned by the one he loved, he’d lost the two people who had supported him for as long as he could remember.  They’d been betrayed by someone he’d once thought was his best friend.

Samuel shook his head and pushed the window open, just enough to let in a bit of free air and the sounds from outside.  Birds sang in the trees.  The wind rustled through the leaves.  Life went on.  He needed the reminder that all was not lost.

Shaking the dark thoughts away, Samuel stepped over to the cozy corner where he did his writing.  The desk was small, barely large enough for the lamp and the typewriter, but it was enough.

He scrolled a sheaf of paper into place and then let his fingers move over the keys.  He poured out his heart and his soul.  Then, finally exhausted, he stood and moved over to the bed.  He paused long enough to kick off his shoes.  Then, he curled up on the bed and drew the curtains against the blinding sun.  In moments, he’d drifted into exhausted slumber.


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