Dreams and Visions

This little scene was inspired by a photo prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


Tobias straightened when they entered the cave.  He made a shushing motion and then set a hand on Samuel’s dark hair.  “He’s asleep,” he told them, his voice hardly more than a whisper.

Bartholomew shook his head.  “How can he sleep in the nighttime?” he said, glancing over at Esther, he heaved a sigh.  “Is he ill?”

“Only heartsick,” Tobias said, smoothing his fingers through the dark locks.  He frowned over at Joshua.  “He’s grieving, Alpha.  We aren’t the only pack he’s had.”

Joshua scowled, but he nodded.  Of course, Samuel would have formed a pack of sorts among the humans that had pretended to accept him for his who he was.  “Come and eat Ghosthowl,” he said, his voice soft.  “Let the pup sleep for now.  He must need it.”

Esther took Tobias’s place.  She hummed softly to the younger wolf and smoothed his hair as he slept.  He slept the rest of the night and woke near morning, as most of the pack was bedding down.

Joshua caught his eye.  “Come to me, Brightfang,” he said, making a beckoning gesture.  For a moment, he thought that Samuel might resist.  However, he only whimpered once and then slipped over to Joshua’s side.

A moment later, Joshua was pinning him to the ground, flat on his back once more.  He caressed Samuel’s cheek, his eye locked on the dark orbs of the young wolf.  “What became of your other pack, Brightfang?” he asked, his voice soft.

Samuel tensed and then squirmed.  Without speaking, he was telling Joshua all he needed to know.  They were gone.  He was alone.  However, Joshua repeated the question three times more, each time more loudly.  Finally, tears filled Samuel’s eyes.  “My parents are dead,” he said, his voice cracking.  “Thaddeus betrayed them and they were found and executed.  I – I don’t even know where Matthew is.  He – he left me.”

“I won’t,” Joshua said, his voice gentle.  The younger wolf flushed, ducking his head.  “He didn’t understand you, Samuel.  The changes frightened him.  You had to know it was only a matter of time…” he trailed off as all the fight went out of Samuel.  He was submitting now, just as Joshua wanted him to do.

“Matthew is in the past,” Joshua said, was he settled Samuel back into the bedding.  He curled beside the smaller wolf, his arms wrapped around the lithe body.  “You are mine, Brightfang.”

Samuel shivered and nodded.  “Yes, Alpha,” he breathed.  He closed his eyes and sniffled softly.  Joshua smiled faintly as he drifted off to sleep.  Then, holding his new pack member close, Joshua joined him in the land of dreams.

prompt-102Samuel could feel the sun on his face and hear the crashing waves.  His heart missed a beat and he sat up.  The sky was blue, scattered with clouds that drifted by like billowing sails.  Pale, green-blue waves lapped at the shore.  He knew this place!  It was the beach where he dreamed of Matthew.

“Samuel,” a soft familiar voice said.

Gasping, Samuel spun around.  Matthew was standing several feet away.  He looked exactly as Samuel remembered.  However, he looked as if he’d been in a fight.  His robes were torn.  Cuts and bruises covered his face.

Releasing a shuddering breath, Samuel tried to decide if he was angry or worried.  He settled for worried.  Running up the beach to Matthew’s side, he caught the other man’s hands.

“I – I thought you’d abandoned me,” he said, as tears filled his eyes.  “What happened to you?”

Matthew released a shaky breath and pulled Samuel close.  “I was captured,” he said, his voice strained.  “Thaddeus…” he trailed off, shaking his head.

Samuel closed his eyes against the painful memory of his friend’s betrayal.  “He betrayed everyone,” he rasped.  He shivered and then pushed away from Matthew.  “Joshua – his pack found me, Matthew.  I was so lost and alone.  I got careless and he’s taken me into his pack.”  He looked into Matthew’s eyes, praying that the other would know what he meant without him having to be more explicit.

Frowning, Matthew brushed a hand over his cheek.  “You… I don’t think you can run and hide from them anymore,” he said.  “Samuel, you need to face your fears.”

For a moment, Samuel just stared at the other man.  Did Matthew really know what he was saying?  “You want me to… challenge Joshua?” he breathed.  “If I fail, he’ll kill me, Matthew.  He – he’s so much bigger than I am!”

“In your lupine form, you have the advantage of speed and agility,” Matthew said, his voice soft.  He gave Samuel a gentle smile.  “I’ve seen what you can do, my love.  I have faith in you.”

Samuel released a shuddering breath and then nodded.  “I’ll have to – to build my strength,” he said, his voice soft.  As it stood then, he’d never be able to defeat Joshua.  He needed to bide his time, gain the trust of the pack.  “I’ll let you know when – when it’s done and… you can come to me?”

“Gladly,” Matthew said.  He embraced Samuel a second time.  “I know that you can challenge him successfully, Samuel.  You just… need to have faith in yourself.”

Samuel relaxed into Matthew’s arms.  How could he have ever believed that Matthew would ever abandon him?  “I love you,” he whispered.

“And I you,” Matthew murmured.  Then, in a softer voice, he added, “Now, wake, my love.  You need to eat so that you can become stronger.”

Samuel’s eyes opened and he was back in the cave that Tobias had chosen for their den.  It was still early enough in the evening that most of the pack was still sleeping.  In the dim light of the glowing water, he could see that one set of blankets was empty.  Tobias was already awake, it seemed.

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