To Reach the Trees…

This is basically a continuation of the previous post, using a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (reach).


Samuel woke as the sun was setting.  The full moon was still two weeks away, but it was waxing now.  He could feel the wolf growing stronger with each passing night.  He shivered slightly and then slipped out of bed.

He stood for a moment, uncertainty filling him.  Part of him wanted to nothing more than to curl up and go back to sleep.  He’d considered ending his existence.  He was alone now.  What was the point in continuing?  Still, he knew that his parents wouldn’t want that.  For them, he had to keep trying.

Samuel ruffled a hand through his hair.  Then, he went through his normal evening routine.  He washed and dressed in clean robes.  He headed into the little kitchen of the tiny cottage that had become his refuge.  He cooked a hearty meal: sausages and beans with thick slices of brown bread from the larder.  Then, he sat down to eat.

Scent the wind, pup, his wolf warned.  It didn’t do to relax and eat until you were certain it was safe after all.

Sighing, Samuel pushed away from the table.  He eased the kitchen window opened and inhaled deeply, closing his eyes as he picked out each note of the scent that entered the room.  There was grass and leaves and trees, from the fields and the forest beyond.  He could catch the scent of some of the woodland creatures: deer, rabbits, squirrels and birds.

Then, he picked up a familiar, earthy scent that made his blood run cold.  He gasped and shut the window.  A shudder swept through him and he drew the curtains.  It wouldn’t do any good, of course.  Joshua would have caught his scent already.  The other wolf knew he was there, otherwise he’d have no reason to be at the isolated cottage.

Shaking his head, Samuel quickly ate his meal.  He’d need the nutrients to fortify himself or he wouldn’t stand a chance of escaping.  Then, he grabbed his cloak from the hook and swept it around his shoulders.  If he could just reach the trees before Joshua arrived at the cottage, he might make it.

He paused at the door to scent the wind again.  He listened and peered through the shadows.  He could see forms loping though the grasses by the lake.  Joshua and his pack had arrived.

Samuel grabbed his bag and then hurried out, tugging the door closed in his wake.  If Joshua thought he was still there, perhaps it would buy him some time.  He grabbed the edge of the roof and clambered up.  He went over the cottage and then leapt into the soft turf on the far side.  Then, he was running low to the ground, praying that the high grasses would hide him from view.

He was nearly to the trees when something large knocked him off his feet.  He gave a cry of pain as they tumbled over and over.  When they came to rest, he was pinned on the ground with his attacker on top of him.  He looked up at the larger man, looming over him and shivered.  If only he could have reached the trees.


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