Personalized for Your Convenience

This little scene was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth:

7-d004a74fbfSylvester frowned at the shoes that were lying in the corridor.  Two thoughts went through his mind.  The first was: where was their owner?  Was he – for they were clearly boy’s shoes – wandering the school corridors unshod?  The second thought was that… What sort of person could this young man be, that he’d color rainbows and stars on the toes of his shoes?

A moment later, two boys came hurrying up to the discarded shoes.  One was tall, with messy dark hair and glasses.  His companion – unshod – was shorter with a mess of brown curls all over his head.

“Morning, Professor,” the curly-haired boy said, as he snatched up the shoes.

Nodding a greeting, Sylvester said, “Why are your shoes here and not on your feet?”

Shrugging, the boy said, “We were… sneaking, Professor.  It’s harder to sneak with squeaky trainers.  Isn’t it?”

“I supposed so,” Sylvester agreed.  It was only after the two boys had run off that it occurred to him to wonder… What were they being so sneaky about?  He heaved a sigh and then startled when he heard a bang further down the corridor.

When he arrived on the scene, he flushed.  Clarus was covered with blue glitter.  “Ah,” Sylvester said, smirking.  “Do you happen to know a boy that colored on the toes of his… trainers?”

“Those little scamps,” Clarus said, his brows furrowing, “always with the practical jokes.”  He nodded and Sylvester.  “I know who it was.”  He heaved a sigh and strode off, still trying to brush the glitter from his clothes.

After he was gone, Sylvester broke down into helpless laughter.  He had a feeling the boys were in trouble when Clarus caught up to him.  “Teach him to personalize his shoes,” he said, his voice soft.


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