A Field of Flowers

This scene picks up directly where the previous left off.  It was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


Oliver waited until they were outside to explain their assignment to her. “There are two loners,” he said, “as well as one small pack with whom we have recently lost contact. We’ve been tasked with checking on them.”

“I see,” Charity said, nodding. She listened attentively as he outlined what they knew so far, including the home of the pack. Her brows furrowed for a moment as she considered what their best course of action was. “Since it’s difficult to even say where the loners last were, we should start by going to the home of the pack.”

As Oliver nodded his agreement, they reached a field that lay just outside the town. Even as close to the town as they were, the place seemed to be utterly deserted. Charity’s gaze went to the derelict building that stood nearby. It was supposedly the most haunted building in all of Britain. That explained why the place was avoided by the locals.

“This seems as good a place as any,” Oliver said. He gave her a weak smile. “My magic has never been strong enough for me to work magic. Would you mind?”

“Not at all,” Charity said. She knew where the pack lived and that was enough. She closed her eyes and, taking firm hold of Oliver, she turned in place. There was the familiar tightness that accompanied the spell, followed by a moment of dizziness. When she opened her eyes, they were standing by a field of flowers.

13-d465359a16“Their home is just at the edge of those trees,” Oliver said, pointing off, beyond the flowers.

Charity nodded and then she stepped away from him. It felt odd and, somehow, wrong, to hold him so close. She set out across the field and frowned at the eerie quiet.

“This… is rather creepy somehow,” Oliver said, his voice soft. “Even as beautiful as it is here, it seems like there’s something very, very wrong.”

Charity nodded silently. It was nice to know that she wasn’t the only one who was feeling it. “I wonder why that might be,” she said.


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