It’s Funny, Though

This scene was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth: laser.  Anyone who’s played with their pet with a laser pointer will understand the humor here…


Sylvester frowned when he saw the red dot appear on the table.  One part of his brain, the human part, identified it as a point of light.  However, before he could raise his eyes to look for the source, it twitched.  Then, the primitive werewolf part took over and he slapped his hand down on it.

The light winked out, as if it were a bug trapped under his hand.  He raised his gaze to the students on the far side of the room.  They were all watching him intently and smiling.  A few were trying very hard not to laugh.  Others weren’t trying very hard at all.  They were stifling chuckles.

Setting his jaw, Sylvester set his hand back on the arm of his chair and turned his attention back to his papers.  He’d barely lifted the pen to grade the next essay before the dot reappeared to trace a lazy line across the desk in front of him.  He slapped his free hand on it once again causing it to vanish.

This time, he lifted his gaze quickly enough to catch the student guilty of daring to tease their professor as they lowered their wand.  “Ten points from your house,” he growled, “and detention with me tomorrow night.”

“Yes, Professor Sterling,” the boy said, although his tone showed no hint of contrition.

When Sylvester looked away from the boy, the light reappeared.  This time, he resolved to ignore it.  His resolve vanished within ten minutes, after which, he treated the students to a lecture on why it wasn’t kind to tease werewolves with laser pointer spells.


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