Fields of Gold

This scene was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth and… the fact that most of my current characters (particularly in this universe) are vampires or werewolves, neither of which like bright sunshine (both can survive it in this world, though).  Vampires combusting in sunlight is a Hollywood invention.


21-e514a7a2a0“You have to admit,” Charity said, as she twirled her parasol, “it’s really rather pretty.”

Quinten yawned hugely and shook his head.  Rubbing at his eyes, he said “Only thing that I must admit, is that I’d rather be anywhere besides an open field the middle of the day.”

“Would you like my parasol?” Charity offered, smiling.

“What I’d like,” Quinten snapped, “is to have been left asleep, in my bed.”

“Come along,” Felicity called to them.  She turned to face them and set her hands on her hips.  “If we want to be in position before moonrise, we need to get going, Quinten.”

“Sure and it’s a cruel master you are,” Quinten said, but he pulled his hood up a little higher and hurried after Charity, who was already rushing to join her.  At least she’d let him wear the cloak.  Prudence would have told him it wasn’t that bad and that he should stop acting like a baby.


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