Are You Kidding Me?

This scene was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (Gym) and a discussion that I’d had with my sister.


Lyall sat across from his friends, as they read the schedule for the new school year. “They’ve decided that we’re going to have some kind of… they’re calling it physical education,” Orion said. He looked up at the words to find Orion frowning at him. “What does that even mean?”

Blinking, Lyall said, “Gym… We’re going to have gym class.” He shivered at the memory of gym class in elementary school. He looked over at Professor Lindsey, fighting against the growing sense of dread. “Please, God, tell me there won’t be uniforms for gym class,” he rasped.

He moaned when the professor began chuckling softly. “You don’t know,” he wailed, shaking his head. “I had gym class at my old school and the uniforms were horrible! Shorts and tee shirts and it didn’t matter what the weather was like and I was always cold!”

He looked over at Henry and Orion, both of them were looking rather bemused. Lyall couldn’t blame them. After all, he’d said more in the space to two minutes than he normally did all day. “And the professor would just tell me that I’d stop shivering, if I ran faster,” he said. “What kind of advice is that? That’s just mean, that’s what it is!”

He buried his face in his arms, resting them on the table. “God, in heaven,” he moaned. “Why?”

“Breathe,” Henry said, patting his arm lightly. “Maybe the uniforms won’t be that bad. I mean, our regular school uniforms are pretty different from the ones at your old school, you said.”

“Gym, though,” Lyall said, without lifting his head. “I thought I’d escaped it, coming here.” Apparently, he thought wrong.


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