The Wonders of Technology

This little scene was inspired by a picture prompt at the WriYe DreamWidth.



Lachlan watched as Ezra’s thumbs moved around on the keypad.  “You know,” he said, tilting his head, “I remember when those were these huge things that worked just like house phones.”

Ezra cast him a sidelong glance.  “I’m fairly certain you can recall when the only way to get messages quickly over long distances was the telegraph,” he said.

Chuckling Lachlan nodded.  “Now, we used to howl,” he said.

“Which was much faster than a telegraph message,” Ezra said, smirking.  He hit the last key and sent his message.  “This has its drawbacks, though.  People know their message reaches a person immediately and they expect an immediate reply.”

“Letters took months to travel when I was young,” Lachlan said, nodding.  “You just kept right on writing and trusted that you’d get a reply… eventually.”

Ezra’s phone chirped and he sighed.  Drawing it out, he said, “Sometimes, I wish we could go back to that.”  He smiled when Lachlan chuckled softly.


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