A Matter of Time

This little scene is an excerpt from a story that I’m planning.  Samuel from the Moreland Pack is going to end up challenging the alpha for leadership.  It was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (sanity).


“It happens to even the best of us, after a while,” Samuel said, his voice soft.  He looked from Peter to Tobias and then at the other members of the pack.  “I mean, how long, do you suppose, we can handle the Full Moon before…” he trailed off.

Peter grimaced and then nodded slowly.  “It’s different for everyone,” he said, his voice soft.  “Some slowly become more and more paranoid, others lose their humanity.  I heard of one that simply became increasingly violent.”

Tobias nodded.  “So,” he said, “you think that’s what’s happening to Shadowback?  The Moon Madness is taking him?”

“He does seem worse after the full moon,” Bartholomew murmured, nodding.  He heaved a sigh and then looked at Samuel.  “There’s only one thing for it, then.”

“What?” Matthew whispered.

Esther set a hand on his shoulder and met his gaze.  “Someone’s going to have to challenge him, pup,” she said, her voice faint.  As Samuel nodded, Matthew looked sharply at him.  Esther moved to her feet and pulled Samuel into an embrace.  “Be careful,” she said.  “You need to win.”

“I know,” Samuel said, his voice soft.  He glanced at Matthew and then nodded at Esther.  “I know,” he repeated.


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