The Empty Boat

I’m working on my “backlog” – the picture prompts from the WriYe DreamWidth that I never got around to using when they were first posted.  This one features Ezra and Lachlan.  I think I’m going to connect it with their larger story…


5-8220a562cdLachlan frowned at the boat that bobbed on the water.  It was, much like the truck they’d in the tree, an odd thing to see.  However, where the treed truck was simply odd, this held a hint of… foreboding.

“Chances that it simply drifted away from its mooring are…”

“Perishingly small,” Ezra said, his voice faint.  He pointed towards a pair of fishermen standing on the dock and said, “They saw two men get into it just at sunset last night.”

Lachlan grimaced and glanced around at the water that stretched out from the shore and towards the horizon.  It was not a small lake.  “Are we dredging for one body or two, then?” he asked, glancing over at his partner.

“Two,” Ezra said, shrugging.  He shook his head and said, “Until we learn otherwise, we’ve been told to assume that both men fell out of the boat at some point during their ill-advised journey.”

Nodding, Lachlan turned to follow Ezra towards the fishermen.  Presumably, they’d offered to get the two officers out to the boat.  The questions were many already.  Had the men fallen out?  Were either or both of them dead?  Was it an accident or something far worse?  Who were the two men?  There wouldn’t be any answers gained from standing on the shore and staring out at the gently rocking boat.


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