For a Bit of Change

This little scene was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  I had fun writing it, but I don’t really know where Lucy came from… I like her though.  She’s fun!


27-81b1bf3259Lucy frowned at the two boys, her gaze going from one to the other as she tried to figure out what to do.  What did they want from her?  She hugged her books close and took a step back as one of them smiled at her.  “What do you want?” she asked, her voice soft.

“You can’t guess?” one asked, arching his brows.  “What have you got that we might want?”

A flush of color warmed her cheeks and she took another step back.  She reached in her pocket and her hand touched her wand.  She took another step back and dropped her books to reach into the other pocket.  She held out the change that she’d put there after lunch.  “I’ve got… eight dollars,” she said, shaking her head.  “Take it and… just leave me alone.”

The boys laughed.  “You think we’ll be satisfied with a bit of change?” one said, slapping it from her hand.

She had her wand out in an instant.  Before the coins had even hit the ground, she had stunned both boys.  Then, she grabbed her books and the money: $8.61.  Pocketing it, she smiled at the pair.  “Should have just taken the money, boys,” she said.  Then, she whirled away from them and hurried on her way.


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