Try to Sleep

This little scene was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (snore) and… my own experience with people like this.


Lyall lay in bed, his eyes on the ceiling.  He often had trouble sleeping.  Usually, he was plagued with night terrors that would wake up him and everyone else in the dormitory.  Other times, there was simply so much on his mind that he couldn’t relax enough to go to sleep.  Then, there were the nights when he’d wake feeling as if he wasn’t alone, but that seldom happened at school.

Tonight was like nothing else he’d ever experienced in all his sleepless nights.  The feelings of anger and frustration that flowed through him were nearly as bad as the thing that spawned them.  He ground his teeth as he glanced over at the bed where Henry was peacefully asleep.

“If I smother him,” he whispered into the darkness, “will that make it stop?”

“Why don’t we try making him roll over first,” Orion said, his tone colored with amusement.  Lyall glanced over to find the third boy in their room sitting up in bed.  He ruffled a hand through his hair and sighed.  “Have you ever heard anyone snore like that in your life?”

“I’m surprised he doesn’t swallow his pillow when he breathes in like that,” Lyall said, shaking his head.  He slipped out from under his covers and shook their friend away.  As Henry blinked up at him sleepily, he smiled.  “Roll over or I’ll murder you.”

“Was I snoring?” Henry said, shifting in his bed.

“Yes,” Lyall said at the same time as Orion.  Then, Lyall returned to his bed.  Inwardly, he prayed that he’d fall to sleep before Henry did.  He was certain that Orion felt the same way.


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