Mischief at the Lake

This little scene was inspired by a picture prompt from the Wriye DreamWidth.  It takes place before Lachlan and Ezra find the empty boat…


30-3bf45807c8It was a strange place to meet, that was certain. Although, he could see the wisdom behind it. They could be certain that no one would overhear the conversation. Also, no one could come up on them without them knowing it.

He frowned at the water. The surface was like glass. He’d heard such things said, but this was the first time he’d seen it for himself. The water reflected the sky perfectly. It was so peaceful that he could almost forget why they were out in the boat.

“Our superiors wanted you to know that your efforts were appreciated,” his companion said, as he stopped rowing. “However, you are no longer… necessary.”

He felt his entire body tense. “No longer…” he never had a chance to finished the thought. Whatever he might have said was lost as red light struck him. A moment later, he had tumbled into the water. His companion vanished with a snap of his fingers.

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