Under Bright Leaves

Here is the scene set directly after the one with the empty boat.  This scene was also inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


Lachlan frowned as he made his way around the edge of the water. Ezra wasn’t far behind him, but he was far more comfortable in the outdoors than the wizard was.

A familiar scent caught Lachlan’s attention and he froze, muscles tensing. “Got something,” he said, glancing over one shoulder at Ezra. Then, he hurried forward. He stopped again when he reached the edge of the water.

Ezra gasped as he stumbled to a stop behind Lachlan. “God,” he breathed. Then, he hurried forward. He took a steadying breath and made a circular motion with his wand. “Killed with a dark spell, same one as O’Neill.”

Lachlan grimaced. He moved closer to his partner and heaved a sigh. “I think we can guess what happened,” he said. “He was out in that boat, probably killed by the other person witnesses saw in it.”

Ezra heaved a sigh and shook his head.”The question is… why?” he said, his voice strained. “What’s the connection between Nowell and O’Neill?”

Heaving a sigh, Lachlan looked up at the leaves. He could just see the hills beyond the lake through them. It was strange, how peaceful it was. The fact that there was a dead body not ten feet away from them felt entirely wrong.34-5420c9350c

Shaking the thoughts away, he looked down at Ezra. His partner was kneeling beside the body, looking stunned. “All right, Ezra?” he asked, his voice soft. Nowell was Ezra’s friend. Technically, he shouldn’t be working the case, now that Nowell was involved. However, Lachlan wasn’t about to tell his partner that. It was up to Ezra and, possibly, their superiors.

Ezra stood and turned to Lachlan. Nodding briskly, he said, “Call it in, Lachlan. I’ll secure the body myself.”

Lachlan nodded once and then moved back from his partner. He was careful to keep Ezra in sight, but he knew that the man might like a moment alone with his friend. “Complications,” Lachlan breathed, as he pulled out the communications device. Finding a peace keeper murdered by dark magic would almost certain make things difficult for all involved, particularly Ezra. Would they suspect him as being involved in this as well? Lachlan prayed that they wouldn’t.


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