Unwanted Attention

This little scene was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (prince).


Lyall bit his lip as his classmates all turned to the page that the teacher had given them. Of course, he’d read it last night, so he had some warning. Still, he wasn’t quite sure what to expect. How would his classmates react?

Lucy was the first to react. “Fletcher?” she said, sounding surprised. Lyall glanced towards her and she arched her brows. “Is she related to you, Lyall?”

“She’s my mother,” he said, ducking his head. He glanced over at Professor Sterling. He could see surprise in the man’s expression. That wasn’t so unexpected. After all, his mother worked with spirits everyday and everyone knew that he was terrified of them.

“People call her the queen of exorcists,” one of his classmates said. “Does that make you a prince, Lyall?”

“All it makes me is embarrassed,” Lyall grumbled, ducking his head.

As a few people chuckled, Professor Sterling cleared his throat. “All right,” he said, glancing around. “That’s enough. Bess, why don’t you read the passage aloud for the class?”

“Yes, sir,” Bess said.


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