Melting Flakes of Snow

This story was inspired by a word (or phrase) prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (which became the title).  It starts off sweet and then takes a somewhat dark turn.  Caius is my sister’s character for her stories set at the same school Lyall attends.


Lyall loved the first snow of the season.  It was when he felt that the snow was the prettiest.  It seemed to come down to tentatively, most of it melting at it reached the ground.  He reached out and caught some flakes in his hand and smiled as each one melted into a dot of water.

The wind shifted and he looked up across the courtyard.  Through the swirling flakes, he could see another figure.  He chuckled and hurried forward, thinking that it was probably Orion or Henry.  It wasn’t until he was nearly beside the other person that he noticed something was very wrong.

It was a girl about his own age.  She wore a heavy cloak and the snow was settling on her head and shoulders and catching in her hair.  However, the swirling wind wasn’t touching her cloak.  Her thick dark hair was untouched by the wind as well.  He froze as he realized that he could see the door leading into the school behind her – through her!

He took a step back and then startled when he heard someone call his name.  “Excuse me,” he said, as he hurried passed her.  He nearly ran Caius over in his rush to get inside.

“Lyall,” Caius said, as he fell into step beside Lyall.  “Who was that girl?  Is she another student?”

“Don’t know and don’t want to,” Lyall said.  His voice shook as he spoke, but not because he was cold.  He gave his friend a weak smile.  “She’s a ghost, Caius, and I’d just as soon put as much space as I can between us, thank you.”

“Right,” Caius said, nodding in understanding.  Ghosts didn’t frighten Caius the way they did Lyall, but at least Caius could comprehend Lyall’s fear.  None of the others could even see the spirits.


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