This scene was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  I can’t help but think of Harry Potter when I write about Amberlyn’s and the students there.  In my mind, it just makes sense that magic would be taught at a castle, so when I saw the picture, a school for magic was the first thing that came to mind.


13c506257aec08f6367c49fd09a9356bOrion knew it was an honor to be among the students selected to visit Owlgazer’s Academy.  However, as he looked at the school, he couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed.

Amberlyn’s was a small school.  It was one of the smallest schools in their league, in fact.  At the same time, Orion hadn’t realized how much larger Owlgazer’s Academy would be.

Set in the center of a waterfall, with causeways on either side for access, it was one of the most secure schools in the league.  Orion glanced over the edge of the waterfall and took a steadying breath.

“You’ll be fine,” the professor accompanying him said.  Even though she spoke in a normal tone of voice, it was difficult to hear her over the thunder of the falls.

Orion looked over at her and gave her a weak smile.  “Everything’s just a bit… overwhelming,” he said.  It was too big and too loud.  Suddenly, Orion nothing more than to be back at Amberlyn’s with Henry and Lyall.  He squeezed his eyes closed and took several deep breaths.  When he opened them again, their carriage was drawing into the courtyard of the school.

When the carriage stopped, the driver got down and opened the door.  Orion let the professor step off first.  Then, he hopped down to join her.  He looked around for a moment and then smiled weakly at the small group of people that had come to greet them.  They were all adults, probably the administrators of the school.  However, he could see students watching them from the windows.

His attention was drawn back to the adults when his professor touched his shoulder.  “This is Orion Blackburn,” she said.

“A pleasure to meet you,” Orion said, giving the trio a polite nod.  “I’m honored to be here.”

“We’re very glad that you could come,” a slight man with tawny hair said, stepping forward.  “I’m Professor Randolph Schmidt.  I’m going to be overseeing your training while you’re here.”

Orion nodded slowly.  He met Professor Schmidt’s steady gaze and a smile tugged at his lips.  He would be learning spellsmithing at one of the best schools for the art and under a man whose name meant “smith”.  He could tell that things would work out and, in a couple years, he’d be back at Amberlyn’s with his friends to finish his education.  “I’m looking forward to it,” he said, nodding firmly.


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