Like Strung Diamonds

This story was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (diamond-strung) and a picture I found on DeviantArt (Diamond Strung by HouseofDoom).


Beth did not like spiders.  In her mind, nothing should have that many legs.  Nothing should move the way that spiders moved.  They were creepy in every way imaginable.

So, as she headed across the grounds towards her first class of the day, she was struck by the simple beauty of the webs that hung from the trees that lined the school grounds.

“The dew looks like tiny diamonds strung on wire,” she said, frowning at Lyall.  She shook her head.  “It’s odd that something so utterly creepy can make something so lovely.”

Lyall grinned and nodded.  “It’s how they catch their prey,” he said.  He waved at the web.  “Flies don’t see it and get stuck and then the spider creeps down and wraps them up, so they can eat them at their leisure.”

Beth scowled.  “Nice,” she said, shaking her head.  She shuddered and hurried off towards class.  “Now, all I can think is that they’re death traps.  That’s creepy, Lyall!”

“Beautiful, though,” he said, shrugging.  He stifled a laugh as she ran ahead of him.


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