That’s… odd

This little scene was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  The title came from my reaction to the picture.


Sylvester always knew that there were certain things he never wanted to see as a professor.  One of those things was a student running towards him, calling to him frantically.  Such a greeting always meant trouble.

Henry and Lyall skidded to a stop in front of him, panting.  Their eyes were wide with either shock or fear.  “Professor,” Henry said, grabbing his arm.  He shook his head.  “We didn’t mean it!”

“We didn’t,” Lyall agreed, shaking his head vigorously.  He gave a weak laugh and then shrugged.  “Now, though, we can stop it!”

“Show me,” Sylvester said.  Then, he followed the two shaken boys into one of the lavatories.  His brows furrowed when he heard an odd sound, like tapping.  When he saw what was making the sound, he stared in disbelief.

“Make it stop,” Henry wailed.4c034af66803023be21cc50e4db0f5fc

Sylvester stepped over to the tap and turned it, as if he were turning off water.  He sighed in relief when the flow of candy bears stopped.  He turned to the boys and shook his head.  “Do I even want to know?”

The boys looked at each other and then turned back to him shaking their heads.  “Probably not, Professor Sterling,” Lyall said, his voice soft.

Heaving a sigh, Sylvester ruffled his hand through his hair.  He waved his wand and vanished the bears.  Then, he cast the spell to end any other spells cast on the sink.  With just a bit of trepidation, he turned on the tap.  Three sighs were heard when water poured forth.  Nodding, Sylvester turned off the tap.

Looking at the boys, he said, “Detention tomorrow night, yes?”

“Yes, sir,” the boys said.  They fled when he waved a hand in dismissal.  He followed after them and smirked when he saw Clarus.  “Candy bears pouring from the tap.  What were they thinking?”

Clarus chuckled and shook his head.  “Westley and Fletcher are always good for a bit of excitement,” he said, shrugging.  “They like to push the envelope a bit where magic is concerned.”

“That kind of excitement, we can do without,” Sylvester said, shaking his head.


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