A Two for…

This scene was inspired by two prompts, since one section follows the next so closely, I figured I’d post them together.


Nectar Thoughts

Ezra glanced over at his partner and grinned at the dreamy smile on his face.  “What’s on your mind, Lachlan?” he asked.  He arched an eyebrow when Lachlan frowned at him.  “Were you, perhaps, thinking of Miss Esther?”

Lachland chuckled softly.  Nodding, he said, “It shouldn’t be odd that thinking of my wife gets me through the day, Ezra.”

“No, indeed,” Ezra said, shaking his head.  “You’re like a bee and she’s a flower.  Thoughts of her would be as nectar for you.”

“That’s actually beautiful, the way you said that,” Lachlan said, nodding.  “Quite the poet, aren’t you?”

“I’ve a poet’s soul, at least,” Ezra said, shrugging.  Then, he chuckled softly and moved to his feet.  “We’ve work to do, so you can return to your daydreaming another time.”

Stray Shafts of Sunlight

Lachlan rolled his eyes and moved to his feet.  He fell into step with Ezra, he squinted.  Shielding his eyes, he said, “It’s rather bright today.  Did you notice?”

“It is,” Ezra agreed.  He drew out a pair of sunglasses and handed them over to Lachlan.  As his partner settled them in front of his eyes, he looked up at the pale blue of the sky.  “Whether it is because we’re unaccustomed to daytime activity or because it’s been cloudy of late, I cannot say.”

“Whatever it may be,” Lachlan said, smirking.  “My thanks for the glasses.”

“Can’t have my partner blinded by stray shafts of sunlight, can I?” Ezra said, smirking.  “Others might take advantage of the opportunity to attack.”

Lachlan stifled another laugh.  The chances of their being attacked in broad daylight were perishingly small, as Ezra would say.  “Let’s go, then,” Lachlan said, letting the matter drop for the moment.


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