Reflections in the Mist

This scene was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  The moment I saw this picture, I thought of Quinten and Charity.


Charity gasped as Quinten stepped forward and nearly fell off the ledge and into the water.  She caught him and pulled him back just in time.  “Please watch where you step,” she said.

“It’s all so… beautiful,” he breathed.  He looked around them and Charity knew that he was admiring the way the mist seemed to cling to the trees.  To her, it looked rather spooky, but she already knew that Quinten didn’t see things the way she did.

“Are you two coming?” Felicity called them from further up the trail.

Quinten flushed.  Then, together with Charity, he called, “Coming, Mistress.”  They hurried up the path until they came to a bridge made of ropes and wooden planks.  Quinten gasped at the sight.  Charity knew he didn’t like being over water, few of his kind did.  However, she was surprised when that wasn’t what at elicited the gasp from her mate.3d4710a6409b21b99fc95e4806f9506b

“It’s breath-taking,” he rasped.  Tears stood in his eyes as he caught Felicity by the elbow.  “Please, Mistress, might we have a break, so that I can sketch it?  It won’t take but a few moments!”

Felicity frowned.  “You wouldn’t be delaying because the idea of crossing water bothers you,” she said, meeting his gaze.  “Would you, my dear?”

“Because of that stream, Mistress?” Quinten said, looking surprised and somewhat offended.  “What sort of coward do you think I am, Mistress?”

“The vampiric sort,” Felicity replied, shrugging.

“Well, I like that,” he huffed.  Then he sat down on a nearby rock and pulled out his sketchbook.  “Go ahead,” he invited.  “I’ll cross all on my own and show I’m no coward.  You see if I don’t!”

Charity covered a laugh and crouched beside him.  “It’s really just because you’re so taken by the beauty of it all?” she asked.

“It is,” he replied, nodding.  He waved ahead of them.  “The rustic appeal of the bridge, the haunting misty background, the trees reflected in the water… it’s not something I’ve encountered in Ireland, and no mistake!”

“We’ll break here for lunch,” Felicity said, as she settled down on a nearby stone.  She met Quinten’s gaze.  “Forgive me for teasing you, if you can,” she said, giving him a weak smile.

“Of course, Mistress,” Quinten said, shaking his head.  “It’s already forgotten.  I knew your words were meant in jest, after all.”  He gave Charity a sidelong glance and murmured, “You’ll hold me hand when we cross that wee bridge, aye?”

“Every step of the way,” Charity promised, patting his shoulder gently.

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