In a Dark Forest

This scene was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


8505d8866a47eb28ed5be629569c4ce0Henry frowned slightly as he made his way through the trees. Everything seemed to look the same. There was no clear path and no real undergrowth. There were just… trees as far as the eye could see. In the distance, he thought that he could see the hills that surrounded the school, so he was sure that he was, at least, going the right way.

He heard an odd croaking sound from above and looked up to see a large black bird staring down at him from the branches of a bedraggled pine. A raven. They were birds that were closely associated with magic. Dark wizards tended to keep them for familiars, the same way that light wizards preferred cats.

It’s black bead-like eyes seemed to peer right through him. Shuddering, Henry dropped his gaze and picked up his pace. After a few moments, he lifted his gaze once again. He could still see the hills in the distance. Now, he could also see the rooftops of the school buildings.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Henry glanced back towards the raven. He bit his lip when he realized that it was gone. Whirling back towards the school, he broke into a run. The bird had, probably, just flown. However, he was unnerved enough that he just wanted to put as much space between him and these woods as he could.

A low croak made him skid to a stop. Ahead of him, high in the branches of a tree, was the same raven. Henry didn’t question how it had come to be ahead of him. That hardly mattered. If it was the same bird, and he thought it was, he was even more certain that he didn’t want to stick around. He broke into a run once again.


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