Golden Promises

This little vignette was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth and features my new character and her father much younger than in the previous story.  (I just realized that the other story with these characters ended up on my other blog.)


Johann Von Brenner was more than a little worried about his daughter. Seventeen was a difficult age under the best of circumstances. However, she’d lost both her elder brother and her mother in a matter of months. The double loss had his him hard enough. It must have been so much worse on the young girl.

He started across the grounds, scanning the trees that were scattered across the fields for any sign of the girl. He finally spotted her at the base of a tall tree, staring up into the branches. “Erin?” he called.

126c709e160ac3121c73b6063486fa7fShe looked over her shoulder at him and then looked back upwards once again. When he reached her side, she said, “Lucas used to climb this tree.”

“I remember,” Johann said, nodding. He’d had the gardener cut back the lowest branches when Erin had nearly fallen badly trying to mimic her elder brother. That had ended both children’s tree-climbing adventures.

“He’d go as high as he could and… he’d say that he could see the whole world from up there,” Erin said, her gaze going to the golden leaves high overhead. “He’s say that he felt like he could touch the sky.”

“Erin?” Johann said.

Erin looked at him suddenly. Her eyes were moist with unshed tears, but there was an intensity in her gaze and a determined expression about her lips. “If I climbed high enough, do you think I’d see where they took Lucas, Father?” she asked, arching her brow. “Would I be able to hear Mama’s voice again?”

“No,” he said, his vision blurring as tears filled his own eyes. “Would that it were that easy.”

Nodding, Erin looked up at the tree once again. Setting a hand against the rough bark, she said, “I’ll find Lucas, Father. I’ll find him and bring him home.”

For the first time in a while, Johann felt his lips turn up in a smile. “If anyone can do it,” he said, setting a hand on her shoulder, “it’s you, Erin.”


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