The Ashes of Youth

Heather's Fancies

A little story featuring some new characters.  It was inspired by a phrase prompt at the WriYe DreamWidth (which became the title).


Franz Edelstein hadn’t expected the case to turn out like this.  They were supposed to find that the girl had simply run off with her boyfriend.  Instead, they’d found that the boy had been sent off to join the military, so the girl couldn’t be with him.  Now – less than a day later – he was standing in a field of tall grass, looking down at the body of their missing girl.

“How long do you suppose it’ll take before she arrives?” the peace officer beside him murmured.

He heard a coarse voice floating across the field.  A woman was scolding someone about being too slow and needing to pay better attention to what he was doing.

“She’s already here,” Edelstein said, grimacing.  He didn’t care…

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