Gently Now

This little vignette was inspired by a photo prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  The scene in the picture is just mentioned as a comparison to what’s happening in the scene.


Felicity watched the scene with a bemused smile on her face.  Her expression was mirrored by Quinten as he held the tiny kitten in his lap.

“It’s funny,” Charity said, shaking her head.  “Nearly every living creature in the world is terrified of both werewolves and vampires.  Cats, though… they seem to like vampires.”

“Maybe they sense a kinship,” Felicity said.  When Charity frowned at her, she shrugged.  Her eyes twinkled with mirth as she said, “The fangs?  The animosity towards… dogs.”

“I’ve got nothing against werewolves, Mistress,” Quinten protested without taking his eyes off the kitten that was rubbing affectionately against his hand.

81d934d61ead312752cb81c4e137903f“It reminds me of this picture I saw,” Charity said, smiling.  “This huge gorilla with a tiny butterfly perched on its finger.  The gorilla could crush that butterfly, but… it just stares at it with this almost human expression.”

“The same expression that Quinten’s got right now,” Felicity said, nodding.  She chuckled when Quinten looked up at her with wide eyes.

He shrugged.  He might have blushed, if he still had the ability.  Instead, he just grinned.  “I can keep her.  Aye?”

“Of course,” Felicity said.  She chuckled when Charity made a disgusted noise.  “She’ll get used to you, Charity.”

“Cats hate werewolves,” Charity grumbled.  Then she heaved a sigh and shook her head.  “Still, they’re so cute together.”

“Thank you,” Quinten said, grinning.  He flashed his fangs at the kitten.  “Yay,” he said.  He chuckled when the kitten gave a chirping mew, flashing her fangs in reply.


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