The Flowers Told Me…

This little snippet was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (Flowers told).  It was fun to write…


Erin frowned deeply when the wind ruffled the curtains at the window.  From the vase of flowers on the table nearby, she heard a soft sigh or whistle.  It was almost the sound one might hear if the wind whistled around the eaves of the house.  However, the sound was most certainly coming from the vase or the flowers themselves.

She frowned.  They looked like normal, average phlox and asters.  Shaking her head, she turned to Gretchen.  “Where did we get those flowers?” she asked, pointing at the blooms.

“From the garden, miss,” Gretchen said, frowning.  The wind rustled the curtains and again the low sigh seemed to come from the vase of flowers.  Gretchen looked up at Erin in alarm.  “Are the flowers sighing, miss?”

“They certainly seem to be,” Erin said, nodding.  She scowled and then strode to the window.  She closed the window firmly and then latched it.  A moment later, the sky opened up.  Her eyes widened and then she arched her brows at Gretchen.  “Rain,” she said.

“Apparently, they wanted you to know it was going to rain, miss,” Gretchen said.  Her brows furrowed and Erin could tell that she was trying not to laugh.  Another other maid would have been in a panic over such a thing.  Gretchen, clearly, had lived among wizards and magicians too long to find it amusing.

Erin shook her head.  Richard was never going to believe that she knew to close the window because the flowers told her.  “I just wonder if they’ll let us know when it’s safe to open the window again,” she said.  Then she swept out of the room.  She had more important things to do than deal with sighing flowers.


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