Drowned in Rain

This scene is a continuation of my snippet with the flowers sighing.  Here, we find out what they were really sighing about.  It was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (drowned in rain).


Richard woke to the sound of rain beating on the roof and windows.  He groaned and rolled over to frown at the clock.  It wasn’t even night yet.  However, it was so dark, due to the rainclouds, that he had no problem being awake.  Heaving a sigh, he threw back the covered and got out of bed.

When he came downstairs, he found that Erin was sitting by the large front window, glaring outside.  “I hate this weather,” he said, ruffling a hand through his hair.  “It’s too dark.  I can’t sleep.”

“It’s like feast or famine out there,” Erin said, standing.  She smoothed her hand over her skirts and turned to face him.  “For a moment, it’s been dry as bones.  Now, it won’t stop raining.”

“Maybe this is what the flowers were sighing about,” Richard said, as he crossed to the window and looked outside.  On the street that ran in front of Erin’s home, people were running to get to their destinations as quickly as possible.  His brows furrowed as a tall figure made his way up the walk.

A moment later, the bell rang.  Richard turned to Erin.  “Edelstein,” he said, his voice soft, as he heard the butler answer the door.  “It seems he left his office in a hurry.  He didn’t even have a hat or an umbrella.”

Erin scowled and then looked up as the butler appeared in the doorway.  Edelstein was just behind him, looking like a drowned rat.  At Erin’s nod, the butler stepped back to wave the man into the room.  “Didn’t know it was raining or left in a hurry?” she asked, as she stepped over to a nearby chair.

Edelstein pushed his hair back from his face.  “It wasn’t raining over my office,” he said, shaking his head.  He stalked over to the couch and sat down.  “It is, in fact, only raining within ten miles of your house in a near-perfect radius.”

“Weird,” Richard said, blinking.


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