One Is Enough

This little snippet was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  It’s not great, but I think it shows the personalities of the characters perfectly.


9675ed201eefba6c24e537008c2cfb42Lyall scowled at the image.  It showed every different edition of Batman from the various television shows and movies.  He grimaced and then looked at Henry and Orion.  As he looked back at the image, he began chuckling softly and shaking his head.

“What’s so funny?” Henry asked, frowning at the image.

Stifling his laughter, Lyall ducked his head.  “I just was imagining if there were that many… Orions,” he said, shrugging.  He gave Henry a sidelong glance.  “Can you imagine the mischief?”

“He causes plenty enough mischief all by himself, I think,” Henry said, shaking his head.  “That many Orions would push Professor Lindsey right over the edge!”

“Some friends you are,” Orion groused.  He scowled at the picture and then grinned.  “Just one other might be fun, though.”

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