A Home

This scene was inspired by a picture prompt that was posted at the WriYe DreamWidth.  It’s another story in my National Museum and Archives universe.  Jakob, as I’ve already said, is in charge of museum collections.  Stephen is in charge of the archives.  They both have apprentices in magic, who live with them and… they are a couple.


8a5cb5b72f58b09616d57210c9b68d85Jakob stood at the base of the steps and stared up at the house.  He could hardly believe that this large, beautiful home was theirs.

He knew it wasn’t perfect.  There was work that needed doing.  The stone railing at the front was half-broken.  The lawn was a mess.  The side porch was in definite need of work, since it was in the process of being repaired.

Still, somehow, it was their home and that made it beautiful.  He glanced over his shoulder at Stephen and heaved a sigh.  “We’re home,” he said, his voice soft.

Stephen took Jakob’s hand in his own and nodded.  “Yes,” he said, “We are.”  He laughed when Reinhold and Hannah ran past them and up the ragged walkway to the front door.

“We’d better get inside,” Jakob said, tugging Stephen up the steps and towards the house.  It would mean a lot of work, but they had a home of their own – not a townhouse in the city that was shared with another family, but a real house of their own.


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