A Moonlit Night

This little scene was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  Tobias is the head of security at the National Museum and Archives.


908ace9919a9bf693db1252f7ce270afTobias stared out at the night.  The moon looked large and full in the sky.  From the little window of his flat, he could see a large tree with one branch twisting in front of it.  A cat was perched high in the tree.

Sighing, Tobias leaned on his hand and frowned at the cat.  Why was it sitting high in the tree?  What could it possibly want?  Why would the cat be sitting up in the tree like that, staring at the moon?

Chuckling, Tobias pushed away from the window.  Why was he sitting in his window on a lovely night like this?  Why was he staring out at a cat sitting in a tree?  Why was he wondering about the cat and what it meant by sitting there?  He should be outside, enjoying the moonlit night, like that cat.  He shouldn’t be inside wondering about it.


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