Boys will be boys

This little scene was inspired by a phrase prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  It’s set when Jakob is still just eight years old.  Nelly is his twin sister.  Gregory is their adopted brother. Elijah is the younger brother.


Nelly frowned at Gregory, Elijah and Jakob.  They were running around crazily.  She wanted for Jakob and Gregory to come and play dolls with her, but both of them refused.  They preferred, instead, to play tag with their younger brother, Elijah.

“Why aren’t you playing, Nelly?” Mother asked, leaning close to look into her eyes.  “Don’t you like to play tag?”

“I want to play dolls,” Nelly pouted, hugging Patrice close.  Patrice was her favorite doll, since it had been the last thing her father had given her.  “Gregory and Jakob won’t play with me.”

“Perhaps,” Mother said, “if you play tag with them, they’ll play dolls with you later.”

“I ain’t playing dolls,” Gregory called, skidding to a stop.  He sighed when Jakob tagged him and ran away with a laugh.  Gregory sighed when Mother gave him a significant look.  “Why can’t she play dolls with Adeline?”

“Addie’s four is why,” Nelly said, stamping her foot.  “I’m eight already.  I can’t play with a four year old!”

Jakob heaved a sigh and then nodded.  “All right,” he said.  “After we have lunch, we’ll play dolls with you, Nelly.  For now, though, you can play tag with us.”

Mother nodded when Nelly smiled.  As soon as Mother had headed back inside, Gregory added, “Newcomers are cucumbers, though.  So… you’re it!”  Then he spun and ran away from her.

Nelly’s face flushed a brilliant scarlet.  She set Patrice gently on the bottom step and took off after Gregory.  “You – you boy!” she shouted, trying to the think of the worst possible thing to call him.


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