Listen to the Music

This is a little scene that was inspired by a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.


It had been hard, at first, to accept that he wouldn’t be working with Gregory anymore.  Ever since he’d been elevated to the position of Director of Collections, Gregory had been a fixture.  If he needed something brought over from one of their storage warehouses, he went to Gregory.  If he needed to arrange special security for an artifact, he went to Gregory.  Now, he was forced to turn to others.  They were just as skilled, but he didn’t know them.

However, there were benefits to the new arrangement as well.  When they’d been co-workers, they’d felt the need to be careful regarding their relationship.  No one at the museum knew that Gregory was, essentially, his brother.  Now, there was no reason to hide the facts.

35-45a957a8ffJakob glanced over at Trudy and chuckled softly.  She was sitting with a book in her lap.  The stuffed bear was nestled beside her on the couch.  The headphones from Jakob’s portable radio were settled on its head.

“Trudy,” Jakob said, grinning.  When the little girl looked up from her book, he waved at the bear.  “What’s that about?”

“He didn’t want to read with me,” Trudy said, shrugging.  “He’s listening to your player, instead.”

“Is he enjoying the music?” Jakob said, arching an eyebrow.

Trudy frowned and looked at the bear.  Then, grinning, she turned back to Jakob and nodded.  “Very much,” she said, giggling.  “Thank you, Uncle Koby!”

“You’re quite welcome, Trudy,” Jakob said, giving her a sunny smile.  Chuckling to himself, he turned back to his own work.  Yes, he could deal with changes at the museum, if it meant that he could look after Trudy and be “Uncle Koby” for the little girl.


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