Being a good man

This is a little scene inspired by a word prompt (the phrase I used as the title) from the WriYe DreamWidth.


Jakob couldn’t help but smile as he watched Gregory playing with Trudy.  He was kneeling in the grass, with his hands over his eyes and counting softly and slowly.  The little girl – his little girl – was trying to find a place to hide, giggling the whole time.

After he’d reached ten, Gregory uncovered his eyes.  He flashed a smile at Jakob and then moved to his feet.  “Hmm,” he said, his eyes twinkling with mirth.  “I wonder where Trudy is.”  His words were answered by a giggle from the child that told them exactly where she’d hidden.  Gregory pretended not to hear, though.

Instead, he began searching everywhere he possibly could – even places that the little girl couldn’t possibly be.  Staring into the branches of a tall oak, Gregory said, “I guess I can’t find her.”

“Here, Daddy,” Trudy said, peering out from behind Jakob, where she’d been the entire time.

As Jakob chuckled, Gregory smiled.  Meeting Jakob’s eyes, he said, “The one place I didn’t think to look, of course.”

“Of course,” Jakob said.  He smiled warmly as Trudy ran to her father’s arms and he lifted her into an embrace.  Against all odds and in spite of what everyone thought, Gregory was a very good father – a very good man.


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