Nothing is Certain

The same group as before… obviously, they are trying to stop a killer.  I really wish they’d tell me who they are.  This was inspired by a word prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth: Except death and taxes.


His brows furrowed in concern as he looked at the pale, slender legs that rested on the dirt and leaves under the structure.  It was too rough to be called a shelter.  It certainly didn’t provide any protection for its sole occupant.

“She’s dead,” his companion said, his voice strained, “Isn’t she?”

Grimacing, he stepped around the smaller man and crouched to peer into the structure at the woman.  Nodding, he said, “Yup, dead as nails.”

The woman with them heaved a sigh.  “We’ll catch him one day, right?” she said, turning to him for reassurance.

He grimaced, wishing that he could so easily give her what she wanted – what they all needed.  “We’ll try,” he said, shrugging.  The only thing that he could say for certain was that, if they failed, he would kill again.


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